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As long as the infection rate is as high as it is, with apologies I am going to have to go back to closing the church after daily Mass.  Having watched the situation for the past week I’m not happy with not knowing who has been in church during the day, whether or not they could have been carrying the virus, and where they have sat and what they have touched.  I can’t sanitize the church after every visitor and so, for the time being, it would seem best to keep the church closed than to put parishioners at risk.

Thank you for your understanding.


To reserve a place at Mass please contact:  

John (07771 805297) (

or Peter (07717 498552) (

or Mark (07748 655294) (

48hrs notice is required to reserve a place please and if you are not going to use a place you have reserved you are please asked to give at least 48hrs notice of cancellation.